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Our Mission

The Prayer Partners mission is to encourage the church body by making available dedicated Prayer Partners to pray with and for others.

Bob Laib

Prayer Partners Coordinator
Call us at 815.408.1025

Our church’s vision is to be a Christ Centered Community of Prayerful Disciples Making Disciples.

In the Prayer Partners ministry, we focus on how we can bring this vision about through the avenue of prayer! We use prayer to remain centered on Jesus, to grow closer as a community, to encourage each other in maturity as disciples, and to fervently ask for God’s help as we seek to make more disciples.

About Our Prayer Partners

We work hard at equipping our Prayer Partners to pray with and for others in the church as necessary, such as during church functions, in homes, and at funerals and hospitals through all available means such as person-to-person and over e-mail, the phone, and text. Our Prayer Partners meet monthly to discuss new ways that Grace Fellowship can grow to become more and more proactive about prayer and they host our monthly prayer gathering called “The Invitation” on the 1st Thursday of the month at 6:30pm. 

Our Prayer Partners are regularly working through a list of congregants and members to pray for. If you become a part of Grace Fellowship Church, don’t be surprised if you get a text from one of our prayer partners asking how they can be lifting you up!

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