We want to see our church handling conflict, forgiveness, and shame in a Christ honoring way. In this series we show how we can handle conflict with one another, forgiving ourselves and others, and the ways that God has restored us with himself. 



With Each Other, Within Ourselves, With God


Eldership: Who's the Boss?

Sharing your faith with the people around you

Other Sermon Series

Eldership: Who's the Boss

As a church we are transitioning into a leadership model of a plurality of elders. In the Book of Acts we see the church working in this same model. We want to be obedient to Christ in all ways and this is one more way as a church for us to be faithful to our Lord Jesus.
In this series we go through the what, why, and how of eldership at Grace Fellowship Church.

Bring Your Church to Friends

As a church we are called to be committed to sharing our faith with others. In this series we will discuss how to start conversations about your faith, giving examples of how to share your testimony and we will explore different passages in Scripture of believers who shared their faith with others.
How will you reach the people in your life who don't yet know Jesus?

The Kingdom

The kingdom series is all about becoming a church who loves God and loves others in a way that shows that we are Christ's representatives. We want to be a city on the hill that cannot be hidden. In this series we cover different aspects of Christian community that make the church different from all other groups. We talk about enduring relationships, tithing, using your resources, utilizing your spiritual gifts, and growing disciples.

The Gospel of John

The Book of John Series guides the Grace Fellowship Family through an overview of the gospel of John. We explore themes and important messages of John's gospel and what Jesus is calling us to apply in our lives today.
The purpose of this series is "so that by believing in His name you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His Name" (John 20:31)

Is There Room in Your Heart?

Jesus showed up in many people's lives and in ways unexpected, but His question for all of them was the same. Is there room in your life for a true Savior? Will you let Him write His story in your heart?
The Christmas Series focuses on characters in the Christmas Narrative and their answers to Jesus's questions. As you listen, maybe you will find the answers for yourself!

What Do We Believe

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